Feel lucky, despite all that’s happening – and all that isn’t. 

If anyone should happen to be reading this, stop, get off the internet and out of your head and do something. This is your life. Stop pissing it away on Fakebook and porn. I have to be here, you don’t. Go make out, take a shower with someone, create something – Art, a new fuck position, a child – or just tear down the walls around you, get a sledgehammer, use your fists and break everything in sight. But do somefuckinthing. Different than what you’ve already done. And with more fervor. Something that actually matters – this excludes tweeting, corporate takeovers, pill popping, getting into heated ‘discussions’ on threads on forums online and I can go on. Life is precious and if you don’t think yours is then do that – end it. Mine is everything and it’s on a tether.



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